Calypso Hunt & Draw:
Partly oceanic M-Class Planet viewed against the background of nebula space.

Arkadia Hunt & Draw:
Mostly temperate continental M-Class Planet viewed against the background of nebula space.

Rocktropia Hunt & Draw:
Mostly arid continental M-Class Planet viewed against the background of nebula space.

violet main sequence star set inside golden-green laurels
The People's Front; now in Star Citizen
Hypercharged logo against night lightning.

Affiliates & Relevant Information: Links to organisations with overlapping goals


BIG Industries Sweat Initiative

A great event to know about is the Sweating Support Initiative (SSI) that takes place every day at Ola #42. Ola is often a good place for team sweating - enjoy casual conversation and learn some tips while gathering sweat quickly. During the daily SSI event, a BIG representative is on hand to offer free healing and to buy sweat at 2.5 ped per k! (But there is a maximum of 1 k/person per day, and only 10 people are chosen during each event). Don't go afk during the event or you won't get chosen - but otherwise you stand a good chance to sell some sweat at a great price.

The event is held at 21:00 EU on weekdays, and 15:00 EU on weekends.

Lower level players (agility under 40) are given priority, so if you're a newcomer you stand a good chance. Getting to Ola 42 (lon 29066, lat 58725) the first time can be a bit tricky - most people need to catch a ride - but it's a great tp to have.

PEDtoClick - Alternative PED for when EU's RCE falls asleep

PEDtoClick offer an alternative way to put together some PED in Entropia Universe. It's not for everyone and you won't get rich doing this but, if you are in one of the populations of interest, the activities are a potentially good alternative when sweat buyers are asleep or World War 6593784293 breaks out at the rig.

As of 2015-June-05, PEDtoClick is under new management with a view to take good care of their participants and keep a close eye on both activities and providers to ensure that what is promised is ultimately delivered. PEDtoClick can be found at: